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What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond core Drilling  delivers a quiet, non-percussive way of forming holes and openings in materials such as concrete or brick.
The result of our services is a clean, precise and accurate diamond drilled hole, requiring little or no reinstatement building work.
​​In Diamond Drilling there are two types of drilling :
Wet drilling or  dry drilling. 
Both techniques provide precise holes through all types of base materials.

Our Workforce

All of our workforce are highly skilled and fully CSCS accredited.
We are fully insured, hold our CHAS accreditation and have over 20 years experience within the diamond drilling  industry.

Working on building sites and domestic buildings we pride ourselves in delivering the best service to each of our clients.

Our diamond drilling operatives all hold NVQ2 qualifications in diamond drilling and Sawing. 

Accreditation and Training.



Diamond Drilling and Sawing is one of the most highly skilled jobs in the construction industry.
Our workforce have a wide range of skills and keep calm under pressure when needing to adapt to changing situations.

We pride ourselves in:

  •  Attention to detail
  •  Punctuality
  •  Teamwork or Solo work
  • Time management

Our Diamond Drilling and Sawing operatives are 100% reliable and punctual for each and every client.​
We work with each client to achieve their required results in the safest, most efficient and cost effective way, dust free.
​Water and dust control attachments can be used on our Diamond Drilling equipment to provide a dust free environment for our client.

                            Ed's Diamond Drilling Ltd offer a full next day service UK wide 24 hours a day.

Our Expert Diamond Drilling and Sawing Operative completing diamond drilling in concrete walls.
Our Expert Diamond Drilling and Sawing Operative completing diamond drilling in concrete walls.

Advantages of Diamond Drilling

 Diamond Drilling is a process used in the construction industry. Diamond drill bits can drill thorough just about any material, both quickly and efficiently.  

  • Versatile drilling equipment suitable for diverse cutting applications; it can cut from 8mm to 1000mm with virtually any required depth.
  • Both wet and drilling
  • Automated rigs with very little to no noise output
  • A dust-free, vibration-free and non-percussive core drilling technique

Diamond drilling is also suitable for any environment. 

The diamond drilling process delivers very little noise and no dust, so it’s possible to conduct diamond drilling without disturbing other workers. 

Diamond drilling can be completed in difficult working environments such as confined spaces. 

Ed's Diamond Drilling offers a highly expert service and have 20 + years experience in the Diamond Drilling and Sawing industry.

Please call our office for more information: 01827 370 176


Some of our recent Diamond Drilling and Sawing work!


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 Our aim was to create a company that provides an outstanding professional Diamond Drilling and Sawing service.

In the last 3 years we have achieved this result, together with some fantastic reviews from our work.

We work closely with a wide range of trades on Construction sites and domestic buildings and have become one of the leading Diamond Drilling and Sawing companies in the Midlands.

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