Core sampling (Analysis)

Diamond Drilled core sample taken for analysis of the concrete strength.

Diamond Drilling Core Testing service

A Client may request that they have a requirement for a concrete core to be tested to determine the strength or consistency of the material we have diamond drilled. 
The results collected, can be used for safety assessment of an existing structure.
At Ed's Diamond Drilling Ltd we have the ability to have the concrete core sample(s) sent off to our local UKAS accredited testing laboratory.

Diamond Drilled core sample taken for analysis of the concrete strength.


This UKAS accredited laboratory is local to us and cores are delivered to the lab on the day they are core drilled by our operatives.

We can complete this service within 3 working days of taking a sample.

If only the depth of the material requires testing, we are able to complete this on site and will send all information collected by our drilling team over on a written evaluation sheet the same working day to the client.

Diamond Drilling core testing

In our local UKAS accredited Laboratory we are able to test for:

  •  The content of the concrete or material
  •  The strength of the concrete or material
  •  A full Chemical analysis of the material

When completing a core sample, we will arrive on site to carry out the core drilling, making sure the client has marked and numbered the area(s) where they would like us to core. 

We keep this information when sending each core off to the laboratory so we know the exact area the core was taken from.

Core Sample results:

 The cores are bagged and marked with location or number.

This information remains with the core at all times and will be shown on the report received from the laboratory.

We provide pictures of each core taken, a detailed report from the Laboratory and a statement from Ed's Diamond Drilling Ltd explaining our findings.

If you require any more information regarding our core testing service please call our office on: 01827 370 176  where there will be someone available to help you further.

Or please email: for more information regarding this service.